A not so typical day

Here I sit at my girlfriend’s house on Labor Day. There were 6 of us chatting, and I was completely frustrated!! I wanted to yell, “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!?”

This is the life of the hearing impaired. Constant confusion! I mean how on earth can you follow a conversation when there are all those lips to read and they are all talking at once!!!

(Oh, thanks, Samuel for taking my photo so I could start my blog. You’re a good egg!)


2 thoughts on “A not so typical day

  1. Of course, I was only wearing ONE of my hearing aides and the loaner I was given was just NOT all that helpful!! I mean it only had 3 volume settings. Don’t get me wrong. I love that I have the option to use it while I wait for my second one to come back from repair, again. (I’ll share that story another time). But, being used to MY, Henry, yes I name them, (a different type of aid), I just wasn’t ready to try and get used to this one. I hope to share the struggles and offer suggestions to help those of us with hearing impairments.

  2. And, now that its the day after, I realize I was too tired and cranky to be patient so I withdrew. One of the major disadvantages of being so hearing impaired is that it has a tremendous affect on my relationships. I mean I’m not in a wheelchair, and I don’t carry a cane, so my disability is pretty invisible. Except that I felt like I was watching a tennis match, with my head moving side to side trying to catch a glimpse of my friends faces so I could lip read them. Usually it works fairly well. I have also learned that I CAN NOT expect to hear every single word everyone says!! IMPOSSIBLE! (especially with one hearing aid on the fritz still) But I have learned to communicate my needs in certain situations. Sometimes as soon as I don’t hear a word or a sentence, I’ll say, “What was that word?” or “What was the last thing you said?” {Its always fun to watch my girlfriend’s husband react when I say, “Do what to me?” Its been a great banter between us for many years. LOL! } More often, I’ll say, “Okay, so I KNOW you didn’t just say …..” Honestly though yesterday, I felt like C3PO from Star Wars. I remember one movie, in which he says to Luke Skywalker, “Permission to shut down, Sir?” Precisely!! I just needed to stop straining and struggling. I guess I didn’t have the energy to keep having conversations about what was being said in the conversations. Most of the time I do, but not yesterday. Although, I was disappointed I knew it was just one of those moments when I needed to just let go, and try again another time. I thank God for the technology today. I can’t imagine being without the ability to email, or text, or Facebook (yes it is definitely a verb in my opinion) not to mention, watching TV with closed captions.
    So, I am really wondering can anyone relate to these experiences? How have you learned to cope? In my better moments, I have learned to pray and ask God for the patience I didn’t have yesterday and that I WILL hear what He wants me to hear. How about you?

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