Hope for a new start

As I sit here eating breakfast, I am hoping today will be a better hearing day. At least, when I go to work we only have 10 children in our preschool class. I mean there are only 14 on our class list because some children will start coming a little later in the year for various reasons. But last week we only had 10.  Since enrollment is down, we could always have more. I love all the children, but with fewer people to listen to its always easier to successfully hear those few. When I first started working at my school 5 years ago, we had 22 in the classroom. I’m sure you can imagine how loud a class full of 22 four year old children can get. But today, I am hopeful. It is supposed to rain all day as the tropical storm, Lee, pushes through our area. Since we will play indoor games that will be loud, but I still think I’ll be able to hear the children better today. I will let you know how it goes!!


One thought on “Hope for a new start

  1. I am encouraged! It was a better morning. I was able to hear the teacher I work with talk about all the details of how she was unable to get a full nights sleep. (Isn’t that a bummer?) And, the other lady we work with I heard as well. She told me she was going out of town this weekend for a wedding in Michigan. What a difference from last week when we were having major trouble communicating. Maybe it was because we only had 8 children in the room, it was better. Of course, at lunch when all the children were talking, I knew it would be foolhardy of me, to even try, to have a conversation. It was too way too loud for me. When I remember to think about the limitations of certain environment, I can have more realistic expectations and feel more at peace.

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