I’m so sorry its been a while since I’ve posted, guys. But I’m back…..

Last night, some girlfriends and I got together. As we were discussing, our various experiences on Thanksgiving, one woman began telling us about her day with her family and how she was so uncomfortable because some of them were deacons. Huh? I was SO confused! I mean I know some really nice guys in my church that are deacons, and frankly, I’d love to “break bread” with them and their families! It wasn’t until she was almost finished sharing that I heard that word again…vegans. OOOHHHH!!!!

If you routinely enjoy turkey on Thanksgiving, and many people around you are feasting on only veggies and lentils, I guess I can see why it could be uncomfortable!
I guess I need to make sure I remember to wear BOTH hearing aids, eh?


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