6 month review

Now that it has been 6 months with these two new hearing aids, I’ve learned a lot:

1. Last August when both of my old hearing aids went on the fritz, it was a gift. Who knew that they were NOT that adequate for me anyway? My hearing had just gotten that bad! Eeks!

2. Overall, it has been amazingly better. Can I really hear the rain or a car alarm with my bedroom windows shut? WHOA!!!

3. However, getting used to them has been a journey. They don’t really turn off and on, or have volume controls like my older aids. That’s been a tad challenging to get used to that. The newest one (left ear, now named Hortina), automatically adjusts for volume differences and works pretty well. The other one does the same thing but there is a 10 second delay. Hopefully there wasn’t something said that was too important in that time. But as I’ve said before I just need to ask the person to repeat themselves.

This hearing aid does have a rechargeable remote but honestly I haven’t used that in a while. My plan is to buy another aid in January when my flexible spending account has enough money in it to cover the cost.

Some days though, honestly,when everyone around me is too loud or I need a break, I just pull them out of my ears for a while. Its good to have a break, even from the focused concentration. Sometimes, I get so exhausted from the intensity of staying focused for long periods of time. Recently, my husband and I attended a conference. By the end of the second day I went outside the meeting room, found a quiet place to sit with both aids popped out of my ears. Ahhhhh….a little P and Q!!

Again, in general, I feel like I’ve entered a whole new world. Life is good!!


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