Another newbie

Just a new situation and issue:

A friend stopped by this morning with her newborn. Well, okay, he is actually four months old. (So cute, and he gave me several adorable smiles….makes me want another…..shhh!!)  She kindly brought something over for me. Anyway, we were chatting outside, and her son started getting a little fussy. She pulls out a, hhmmm…what do you call it? Let’s call it a cover all. You’ve seen something similar used by women who breast feed their babies. (What new things people come up with for babies, in 17 years!) My guess is it was handmade…just like a square of material that nicely covers her whole chest and abdomen, and ties around her neck. (Just to keep things discrete.) Except there was this curved  plastic thing inserted inside the top of it. It juts out about 8 inches from her neck. And, junior was a little wiggly under there. As he moved, the plastic thing kept covering her mouth. This was, of course, making it very hard for me to lip read.

Solution? Seek to understand….

“What’s this for?” I asked as I pointed to it.

She explained, “Its so I can see him.”

OOOhhhhhhhh…Silly me! As an amateur seamstress, and a mom, why didn’t I figure that out?

It sure is helpful to just understand things (needs) from another person’s point of view, right?


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