On Sept 5, 2011, I started this blog because I was so frustrated at my girlfriend’s house. Remember, a handful of people, and I couldn’t hear….

Today (March 2012) we are planning on returning to her house for another get together. Her husband is a pastor and they were part of a church here (Columbia, MD) for several years. Now they live about an hour south of us and there will be a house full of people, as this will be a reunion of sorts of folks from a few churches.

SO, even now, I am (honestly? a little apprehensive) but mostly excited to find out how well I’ll be able to have conversation with my “New ears.” Of course, I realize, my expectations MUSTN”T be too high. I need to remind myself, my aids will not “clear up” my hearing issues, and there will be people with quieter voices than others, and some with mustaches, or lisps,or folks who will cover their mouths and occasional sneezes and coughs and environmental sounds. And yet, I do believe there will be some amazing moments….some “WHOA!!! I heard that!!” moments! I can’t wait!!

I’ll let you know how it goes….


The day after our visit………..yes I combined these two posts!!

Isn’t this a very different picture from my first one? (See A NOT so typical Day) I’m actually listening!

YEAH! I actually heard several conversations!!!

Was it perfect? No!

Did I still need clarification once in a while? Yes, but not nearly as often! Hallelujah!

In this picture you can see I am clearly in a conversation. Yeah! We were talking about about my girl friend’s son. He had been taking a photography class, and we were looking through an album of some of the photos he had taken during the year.

When my family and I first arrived, I was delighted to notice a few things:

  • the labradoodle drinks water from a bowl VERY LOUDLY
  • girls excitedly playing Playstation 3 …were also very LOUD (a tad intimidating…how will I hear the adults in the midst of that?)
  • I could hear most of what three women were discussing in the kitchen while 4 men were chatting only a few feet away….Before my new hearing aid? Impossible!!

conversations re:

family members, what’s new with you and/or your kids…extended family

We moved into the dining room away from the men and continued chatting. Later another woman joined us..able to hear and interact in most of the usual conversations.

We discussed movies and TV shows people enjoy

And then I could hear two teenagers (ZACK and AMANDA)…the biggest test…whoa! (They are usually way too soft spoken for me!!!)

What an encouraging day!!!


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