Still SO good after all these weeks

I’m still amazed at what I can hear..

  • As I was scanning my groceries in the self check out lane cashier in the grocery store, I heard an employee ask me, “Do you need help?” He was in the lane next to me, and I heard him….whoa!
  • My kitty seems LOUDER. This cat definitely has food issues and is on prescription weight loss food. I just didn’t realize she can be SO LOUD!!
  • I actually find myself turning DOWN the volume on my TV and car radio, every once in a while these days.
  • AND, just this morning, from the living room to the kitchen, my son asked me, “When will the muffins be done?” Not only could I hear him, I was confident, I could respond, “The timer says 5 minutes,” AND hear him again…WHOA!!!

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