The Movies?

May 7th, 2012

Up until very recently (like two days ago) the subject of new movies was a bit discouraging for me. I mean to pay the money and not be able to hear most of what was going on seemed like a waste. So I (kinda) just accepted the fact that I’d need to wait until the movie was released on DVD so I could follow the story line by using the closed captions.

However, this past weekend was the release of The Avengers and both my guys were excited to go see it.

Again I was just going to wait until it came out on DVD. But when my husband asked me to look up show times, it suddenly dawned on me….I HAVE TWO NEW HEARING AIDS!!!!

So we bought 3 tickets, and the movie was a blast and I COULD HEAR ALMOST


And, guess what? A Few weeks later we went back to see it again!

Oh and, Captain America is definitely my favorite!!! Hubba! Hubba!


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