Cell phones on the DC Metro?

Yesterday I decided to go on an excursion down to DC, by myself. I guess I’ve become a brave little piglet at my age. There was an art show I wanted to go see, in Crystal City, VA. Yeah, I know what you are thinking…so it was a stone’s throw across the water.


Anyway, it had been a while since I’d ridden on the Metro. I forgot about that whirring sound the train makes as it sails through those tunnels. Whoa!! Actually, it wasn’t too bad. Maybe it was because I was VERY focused on where I was going …..and …..those nagging questions. Was I on the correct train, headed in the correct direction? Yada…. yada…..

One issue:

So, even with my new hearing aids, I still couldn’t figure out what the announcer said as we pulled into the various stations. (Who can, right? LOL!)

Second one:

So, once I knew we were going along well and I relaxed, I noticed a curious thing. As passengers are exiting the train and new ones are joining, this guy walks in TALKING on a cell phone. I know most people don’t quite get the importance of this. For me, its just one of those moments where I do a double take. “Huh, you CAN talk on a cell phone on the Metro? I wouldn’t even try that!”

We all need to consider what someone’s life is like in their moccasins.


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