Lips…..and lipreading

So, seriously, I could write about lipreading all day. It really is a skill one learns. I learned it out of necessity by the time I was 5 years old. Do you realize that everyone forms speech sounds differently? We all know that we smack our lips together to make the P, M, and B sounds, right? But so many people make the S sound so differently. Think about how you say the word THINK….where does your tongue go when you make the TH sound? Now, how about when you say the word SINK.. where’d your tongue go? Watch your friends mouths, or hey why not ask them how they make the TH vs S sounds? Thinkof it as new research, or at least, an new conversation starter. LOL! The differences ARE amazing! More on this later, lisps….oy!!

But there I was last night TRYING to lipread someone from the side……and she was ASIAN so we had the whole different accent! WHOA, TALK ABOUT A CHALLENGE!


Don’t try it again….lipread from the front!!!


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