The Rs have it! Or do they?

Have you ever taken a course to learn a new language? If you’ve ever learned Spanish, you know they roll their Rs, a skill I never really acquired. Some folks, though, are quite talented at this!

But then there are other people, who seem to think the Rs are completely silent.

I went to a seminaaa this weekend. What did she say? Welcome to this ….what?

Excuse me, I expected that word would be seminar. There were several words like that. Let me share a few:

Let’s get staated!  OH, Let’s get started.

You might think what we will present today is haad. HUH? ….OH, …… hard.

Or when she restated someone’s question. Okay, sure I can go over that last paaat again. Huh? Oh the last part.

We went to the Inner Haaaba last night. Huh? Oh, the Inner Harbor.

Have you guessed it yet? This lovely lady was from Boston!

Accents, and dialects are SO confusing to us hearing impaired folk. Please understand, though, I mean absolutely NO disrespect. I mean I am originally from New York, and they have interesting ways of tawking too! (talking) I grew up on Long Island with my sista and brothas.(sister, and brothers). Obviously, many regions and/or nationalities have different dialects.

When you hear toe ma toes, and you are used to hearing tomatoes, its just confusing!

I even know someone from Finland. Here you go, try this one:

Ven vill ve have our last class? Hhhmmmm…did you figure it out?

When will we have our last class?

I know, I probably sound weird to her.

No matter which pronunciations you are used to when you hear something different you have to get used to it! Give yourself some time to listen to that person and be patient with them. They don’t understand why you are so lost!


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