Friday morning, I drove down to Annapolis to visit my sister. Every time I go there I get “confused.” (I refuse to say “I get lost”, because we all live on the same planet, right? I knew I was within miles of her house, anyway. Sorry, I know I digress).

Anyway, there I was texting her to find out how to turn around and get to her house.

She texts back and says,”I hate texting. I need to call you. What’s your phone number?”

I’m thinking, “Okay, this is a fine kettle of fish!” There we are TWO deafies ( Okay, really hard of hearing, sistas) can’t communicate…..one hates to text and one hates to talk on the phone (that’s me). Oh boy, now what?

The real deal? Her hearing isn’t quite as bad as mine!

I wondered why she was on the phone, into the wee hours, the night before she graduated.

BUT, we all need to respect each other, right! Even within the deaf and hard of hearing community!!!


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