If you haven’t met her yet, this is my three year old GG. Someone just yesterday called me “the cat lady.” Yes, that’s me! I’ve had cats for forever and I have quite a few cat stories. In What CAN you Hear, Barb? you’ll see a reference (at the end of the post), of the situation where I couldn’t her her voice when she had that teeny tiny kitten voice.

Here is the rest of the story:

We adopted this little girl a few summers ago, when we had another kitty. They couldn’t be more different. Simba was the scaredy cat, hiding under our bed for weeks before he would come close to us. The night I brought GG home, he hissed at her, and she rapidly jumped on his face. We are talking FIESTY!!

Simba, unfortunately, had some health issues and was only allowed to eat prescription cat food. GG thought, “Hey, you put food down? YUM, thanks!! What a nice new mommy!” I caught on to that and stuck her in the bathroom so Simba could eat in peace, even though she ate like a barracuda. The problem, for her, is that she’d be stuck behind a closed door, with a hearing impaired and distracted mommy. She mew, but well…..even with a megaphone…I wasn’t gonna hear that!!

I also didn’t anticipate just how speedy she was. I mean watch out Road Runner! When I did let her out of the bathroom, she could turn that corner faster than a speeding bullet, so she could finish whatever Simba left behind. (Eventually, I learned to put his food up on the counter.)

However, the vet really did need to use an ugly, ugly word with me one day while GG was there. Obese….talk about the shame of a mom!! Anyway, now GG needed prescription weight loss food. (And I am a member of Weight Watchers. Is this like when you see photos of people with their dogs, and there is a physical resemblance? Okay, don’t answer that!)

The thing is, honestly I’ll admit it, I’ve become a tad codependent with my cat. I mean who could resist such an adorable whisker face, looking pitiful like she is absolutely starving to death as she sits so patiently near her food tray? But, I am recovering. I mean we both need to keep our girlish figures. Overall, she isn’t very vocal like another cat I had but there are some meows to get my attention. And, I can hear them!

BUT, a few nights ago, she pulled a fast one. “Meow”, she said, but I didn’t hear it, with both hearing aids working. My husband was sitting right there in the kitchen. When I said, “That was weird. Did you hear her?”

“Oh no, sometimes she does that silent meow thing. I’ve seen her do that before.”

WHAT? Now, that ain’t right!!!


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