May I Vie for your attention?

Today’s subject? Closed captions

Seriously, that is the only intention of this post!!!

I thank God for those words along the bottom of my TV, because otherwise I wouldn’t know what’s being said. I know I could never do the job, since it requires being able to hear what people are saying. And, I can’t imagine how hard it would be to type those words during a live TV show such as the nightly news.

The context of this post is the abduction of Vi Ripken. (You know, the mother of Cal Ripken, Jr.) Have you heard about this terrifying ordeal the family just experienced? My understanding is that the poor woman was grabbed, tied up and driven away, in her own car. Horrifying! And to be one of her children getting a phone call about it, and then confirmation that indeed, she was missing! Scarey!!

To cut to the chase, if you don’t already know, she is okay, thank God!!

So last night Cal Ripken, Jr was talking about the incident on my local news, during the 5 o’clock hour. He gave the basic summary I just did. (Hopefully I got the story right).

Remember, I said this post was about closed captioning and how I love them?

But, sometimes the closed captioners…….well…….they just……

So here what it read……(paraphrasing)..

.Here now is Cal Ripken discussing the adoption of his mother……WHAT?

Okay, they retyped it abduction, thank-you…but then later ..

While Cal spoke, they referred to it as an auction…HUH?

Just before 6 o’clock, they referred to it as her deduction……okay this is cRaZy!!

I guess I may need to do some research to really understand how this process works. I don’t really want these negative feelings towards these folks I so heavily rely on.

BUT, how on earth, can you mess up the same word three different ways?

Talk about confusion!!!

I’m so glad she was found, and that she has resumed normal activities, even though she is still shaken. I’m with Cal, if anyone has any information please step forward. Please, Lord, help the authorities find this guy!

Of course, I don’t know this family personally. I don’t know anything about this woman’s health, or her hearing.

I just pray she wasn’t more shaken or dazed by the closed captions I saw!


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