Confessions and confusions

My girlfriend returned my phone call a week or so ago. I grabbed the phone, hit the speaker button and ran up to my bedroom. With the door shut and the TV off, it afforded us both a chance to have an adult conversation as well as increasing my chances of hearing her. I lover her, dearly, but her voice, in particular, is a challenge to hear on the phone. It does this sing songy kind of thing. Even her hello..starts of high pitched, then the second syllable is almost of out my range because it is so low.

So there I was sitting on my bed as she started describing how she spent her birthday with her family. My phone was perched on my night stand as I heard her talking about a beautiful garden they went to north of Baltimore. And then it happened. I knocked the phone down to the floor, where it fell speaker side down. In my panic, I started shouting, “Wait, GF! I knocked the phone down. I can’t hear you!”

Can anyone explain to me how these voice activated phones work? Sheesh! It was like it recognized her voice, but not mine! And, how do you …you know…..wait for that pregnant pause…so you can ever so politely…butt in?

Confession: I HATE talking on the phone, and don’t get me started about cell phones! (bad reception, poor sound quality, and dead zones, yada, yada)

Then she described this yummy chocolate pastry delicacy. And I said, “Oh, I didn’t her THAT!” Of course, what I meant was, “Please don’t tempt me I’m having such a hard time on Weight Watchers loosing these extra pounds.”

Yeah, I know I didn’t say it out loud….so o/c she repeats the details of that yummy dessert. oH nO!!

Yeah, I’ll confess, I confuse people, too. Not trying to do so. I guess I just have a creative brain, through and through, so I communicate creatively.


2 thoughts on “Confessions and confusions

  1. Hey Barb,
    I use cell phones for texting but can use it to talk but it really turns out to be a real challenge. All of my high pitch is gone and don’t think it’s coming back any time soon. At least not in this life. Sharon and I went to Brookside Gardens in Wheaton today and was laying under a tree and Sharon asked if I heard people talking to their children. I said no, I just hear the sounds in head. I thought if I suddenly could hear like I did when I was a kid, I would probably cry. I use to tell people, of all the things I’ve lost, I use to think it was my mind I missed the most but it really is my hearing.
    Anyway, about my cats. I do the real work involved in cat ownership. Clean out the litter box. That by the way is a very big box for two very wide cats. I clean up the bathroom floor several times a week as well as the feeding and the cleaning of the feeding bowls which can get to be very ugly. I also have a real running gin battle with their ability to deposit black cat fur on just about everything in our condo. Now, all that said, I receive no love in return. And I think that is the real rub. There is no love exchange between us. One cat that I refer to as my cat, tolerates me only because I agreed to bring him into the house for company to Sharon’s cat. If anything happened to Sharon, both cats would be removed from my house and I wouldn’t care one little bit about them. I wouldn’t turn them lose on the street but I would give them to the ASPCA for adoption. End of story. I know you’re a real cat lover but you get that love exchange, I don’t.
    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
    Love, Will Swoboda

  2. Will,
    I know your hearing loss presents many challenges for you. I remember recently running into you, and getting your hello hug. I said, “Hi, how are you?” You asked, “As well as can be expected.” When I tried responding, “Oh man, is everything okay?” you had no idea what I was asking. In those moments, I feel so bad for you, and I wish I could do more to help. I know you have a more severe loss than mine, but I can relate somewhat. Last year, you may recall, both of my hearing aids went on the fritz the same weekend. And when we went to the beach, and I couldn’t hear the waves crashing on the shoreline, that was a difficult reality for me to accept. Now I know those aids just weren’t adequate for me anymore. I am so grateful I can benefit, mostly, from my new aids. I’m wondering about the electronic tablet you had Saturday night. Does it have a notepad on it, of any type? Sometimes, I know I feel like I want to whip out pen and paper, or a wipe off board, or something to “chat with you” Maybe you can find something like that?
    As for your relationship with cats, that’s in your circle, Jack! I’m just trying to share a place of comfort. My GG doesn’t realize how much our times of touch is mutually satisfying, especially after a hard day involving difficulty communicating with my friends!
    Hang in there, my friend. One day at a time, right? For us, one conversation at a time!

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