Wasn’t there a song years ago with these lyrics? Okay, that’s right by Aerosmith. (I just love Google search, don’t you?)

Anyway, whenever I go to the grocery store and I need help finding something, they WALK AWAY FROM ME ….. WHILE THEY TALK TO ME!! OY!

So, I’ll ask, “Hi, do you know where I can find ……….canned cranberry sauce?”
I get! They are eager to help, “Oh yeah, its in aisle 47, I’ll show you where it is….”

I know they don’t understand that I probably haven’t heard a word they’ve said, as they walked away having this conversation with me for 47 aisles!

It happens to me all the time in the public library, too.

“I’m looking for books on…..jewelry making…..”  (*)

Again, in their eager beaver style, they leave me standing (Okay, walking) in the dust…to try and capture those words floating behind them over to my ears. Sadly, many of them fall to the ground before they even reach my ears.

This past week, I went for a few routine doctor visits.

After the usual greetings, “Right this way,” and they are off to the races!


The reverse situation happens, also.

I drove over to a friend’s job, to deliver a small package. (*)

Once we were done chatting, I turned away to exit and return to my car. That’s when she kept talking. Oh boy!!

I feel the need to produce some creative “Help me. I’m deaf” name tag type cards. One for the front of my shirt and one to wear on my back.

Before I ask you to help me


Or maybe TALK THEN TURN? It should probably be short, right?

What about:


Maybe I should make a few, get them laminated and stick them in my car, or my purse!!

Sometimes, it gets hard to continue being patient with folks, ya know. I know I need to educate, educate, educate…about my struggle and help people understand my needs.

What do you guys think? Any creative situations?

(*) By the way, did you know I make and sell jewelry?


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Heaven Sent Gems

On that blog, there is also a link to my ETSY shop. Happy browsing!


3 thoughts on “WALK THIS WAY!

    • Ha! Ha! Back at you, you goose!
      I’m not sure I’ve thought of that one. I have wondered if this new Gen X group of kids can transfer the crawl on the bottom of the various news channels to our foreheads. Maybe they could even implant The Jetsons screens on our tummies.

      Please be careful you don’t take your hearing for granted, though.

      So glad this is a light and momentary affliction….

      I do wonder how your parents would respond, as I know they deal with the difficulties of not hearing well.

  1. You probably already know that I am a Pre-K teacher, right? As such, I rely heavily on the public library as stated earlier in this post. This week I needed to go pick up about 30 books I had put on hold for my next two units. As I walked up to the counter, all I could think of was this post! “Walk this way….NO PLEASE DON’T!!!!!” was blaring through my brain. And, my giggles started erupting. So, of course, I needed to explain to the librarian the whole story. She shared about a family member who also has a hearing loss. (This is becoming quite common now.) And, you probably guessed I haven’t made those signs yet (or gotten any tattoos engraved PTL!!) The good news, the conversation worked!!! She looked straight into my face and said, “I’m going to look for your books now!” Allelujah!!! The angels rejoice!! AND, each time she needed to tell me something about my books she did it again!!!! So, when we explain our needs, some folks will help us out!! YEAH! Have a great weekend everyone!!

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