Happy Anniversary Blog!

This week marks the anniversary of this blog. To be exact, Sept 5th, 2012 was the day I started this blog! Whoa, where did the time fly?

So what has happened in a year?

I bought one new hearing aid….Hallelujah!!!! And I’m hearing much better! You don’t mind, if I say it again, right? Hallelujah!!!! I am hearing SO MUCH BETTER!!

I named her Hortina. I am also benefiting from a loaner hearing aid, in my right ear, with plans to buy a compatible one for Hortina, next January. (I think they might even be able to chat with each other somehow. Isn’t technology amazing?)

See the contrasting stories from A not so typical day to OH MY GOODNESS!!

And, what a delightful surprise it was when I went to the The Movies?

I’ve learned two lessons since last summer:

One: I need to keep getting my hearing evaluated and if necessary (HA!) get newer hearing aids. Whoa! Thank God I have a flexible spending account which covered the cost.This brings up a valid point! I’m sure I delayed this whole process because new hearing aids, are expensive!! Most insurance companies do NOT cover the cost. Perhaps we need to bring this up with “the powers that be.” Many people have vision coverage. I think its time we get folks some auditory coverage. I know, hearing aids are way more expensive than glasses but isn’t that the precise reason why people need it? (Sorry, I not taking the side of the insurance companies).

Two: Keep communicating my needs to others.


To date this blog has received 519 views from 9 countries:

United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Russian Federation, India, Chile, Netherlands, Canada Norway, as well as the good old USA.

I never thought their would be any world wide interest. That blows me away!

However its only since March 2012, that I know about the countries b/c WordPress added a new feature to our blogs at that time:

You can see how many views you’ve received per country by day, week, month, quarter and all time, but keep in mind this feature was introduced in March 2012 and prior data is not available.

This past summer I updated this blog, added new posts, learned how to add tags, all to generate more site traffic. By late August I started receiving a few comments. That’s exciting. Please feel free to include your thoughts as well.

Another development: I’ve linked my jewelry business Heaven Sent Gems to this site.


(The link is on the left of my home page, if you are interested.)

That site has received 1567 views from 6 countries. (US, Canada, Australia, Norway, Italy and Greece) Cool, huh? Maybe I should make Hearing Impairment Awareness earrings? Hhhmmm…consider that a note to self!

So, how do I celebrate?

Should buy a headband with “cat ears” on it? or cook some “ears of corn”? or become nostalgic for “rabbit ears”?   (You know we used to put them on top of our TVs before cable TV came along.)

Remember, I work in a preschool, so my silly personality slips out occasionally.

I know I WILL (constantly) thank God for the opportunity to buy new hearing aids, and more importantly, to share my experiences so someone else can benefit!
Happy hearing everyone!! Thanks for reading, and please share this blog with anyone you know who might benefit!!


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