What’s normal?

Last night, I went out to a local diner with some girlfriends I hadn’t seen for a while.

Even though it was a struggle to hear as we ate and chatted about private girl thangs, the “real fun” happened when we went to “powder our noses.” We walked into the ladies room, and the first thing I noticed was the fluorescent light was flickering. How irritating! So, as I sitting there “taking care of business”, I was mentioning to my friend, “That’s like a strobe light, and I hate those!” Well, she is also speaking to me while she was “taking care of business”, and I have NO IDEA, what she is saying!! So, I finally said, “Hey, I think I’m going to write about you tomorrow in my blog.” She said, “Why?”

“Well, because you were talking to me while we were both in our separate places, as if I could actually hear you, silly!”

As she begins to apologize, she FLUSHES the toilet. Now, of course, I really can’t hear!

As we were washing our hands, I turned and said, “What were you saying in there anyway?” “Oh, I was just talking about that flickering light bulb!” LOL!!

This reminds me of the last conversation I had with another friend on the phone, while I heard some very strange noise in the background, which drowned out her voice completely. I asked her, “What cha doing?” “Laundry!” “So, is that the water rushing into your washer I hear?”

“YUP! Sorry!”

On one hand, I had to just laugh with her. On the other hand, I realized family members and friends of the hearing impaired can be educated that “normal is very different” for those of us with a significant hearing loss.

For me with a loss of about 50 decibels, I can either hear the environmental sounds (mostly because they are louder) OR the sounds of spoken language ….but NOT both at the same time!

Please understand, I love my girlfriends dearly. I don’t post these things because I’m frustrated with them at all. I just want folks to understand the realities of a hearing loss, and provide some understanding of what normal is for folks like me!


2 thoughts on “What’s normal?

    • Thanks for telling me, Fred! Not that I’m happy to hear this, but I hope my posts are helpful, to both of you!! You guys are precisely the folks I was trying to reach. Its funny when you start such an endeavor, how many folks you come in contact with, who can relate. Please let me know if there are others ways I can be supportive. (Questions you may have, etc. ….. not that I’m an expert, you understand) Hugs, guys!!

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