Snippets and snapshots

Do you remember the Readers Digest magazine?

My mom had them all over our house. Weren’t there several different sections, or pages, dedicated to tickling our funny bones? “Laughter the Best Medicine” and “All In a Day’s Work.” This post is my version…….”My last few weeks”


I recently found a new chiropractor and have started feeling results already. Thank-you, GOD!

One of the first times I “laid down on his bench” (face down of course) for an adjustment, he walked down along my legs around my feet, over to the other side of me, and spoke.

“I’m just gonna look up your shirt.”

“WHAT?” I gasped as I turned around to look at him. That’s when I saw the computer, and he repeated the quote, “I’m just gonna look up your chart!”

“Ohhhh, good idea, thanks!!” Whew!!


Speaking of shirts ….

One of my preschoolers was telling me about clothes firemen wear. EVENTUALLY, I figured out she was telling me about sweat shirts! Do you know how it sounded?

Sweat shots!  WHY did it take about 5 minutes for me to figure that out?
Maybe because I don’t think of firemen wearing sweat shirts, or maybe…well here’s a clue…

She also told me something had happened to her twin sister. “What happened?” I asked. “That boy took ha toy!” Another day she wanted to be “fahst” in line….

Hhhmmm…what’s going on here?
Sure enough when I spoke with her dad…they used to live in Mass a chew setts…..OOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!! There is nothing like that accent!

You do understand that I love people, and chatting with people, but well, sometimes, it just gets cOnFusInG!!!  That lovely four year old was telling me……

“That boy took her toy!” and …  she wanted to be “first” in line….


You see, if you expect to hear TOE MAY TOE and you hear TOE MAA TOE,  or if you expect to hear TOE MAA TOE and you hear TOE MAY TOE, well its like your brain can’t quite process it or something. I’m not trying pass judgement or pick sides, I just want all you all hearing folk to sort of “listen with my bad ears” for a while. That way when your grandfather, or your spouse, starts “making things up,” you might ask (or begin to understand) they just might be having a hard time hearing. And, when folks pronounce things differently than we expect, it gets very confusing.


In closing, and because I like to have fun, here’s a quiz:

What do you suppose this child was saying to me?
“Ms Barb, you are a siwwy gooth!”

I’ll let you know on the next post!!

Happy hearing!


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