Oh, what a night!

My son’s high school hosted their last football game at home last night. He is a senior in the marching band, and we’ve always sat near them to show our support. During senior night, parents were invited to be on the field with their kids. Football families and dance families escorted their seniors onto the field and band parents, were introduced and given flowers to pin on their kids uniforms before their last song at half time. (Awww…sniff, sniff! The last one?)

It was the coldest night of the year (some would say “good football weather”), and the crowd was FiEsTY!!! I mean the PARENTS!!! They were just screaming!!!!!! Sometimes cheering on the football team, sometimes disagreeing with the refs!!! Passionately and LOUDLY!!! (They were probably parents of senior football players.) I might add we were going against a team that was UNDEFEATED and had not let their opponents score at all in the past four competitions.

To make things more interesting a friend of ours was there to support the other team. She was sitting on the other side because her son was in their school’s  pep band. I was excited when she called me before the game to say she’d see us there!! Yeah! When she walked over to chat with us during the second quarter (and watch the half time show), it became real clear to me it would be hard to hear and have a conversation!! Whoa!!

You can imagine that as our team was able to score 20 points on this “Facing the Giants” team, the crowd went nuts!!!! I mean it was cRaZY!!!! At one point, my friend leaned close to say something, and it got REALLY LOUD again! Our guys had caught an interception, and the band went cRaZy!!! !! So much for that conversation! I just had to resolve that I wasn’t there to hear much. I had to tell myself, “Let it go, girlfriend! It’s okay!” We made plans to get together with our friend in the future, and I felt comfort knowing we’d be able to converse better at another time.

Of course, you realize that I was just able to hear pieces of conversations my husband and she were having, right? And then this: When it was our turn to greet our son on the field during half time, that bittersweet moment when I’m trying to hold back tears because my maternal heart was excited, proud and sad all at once, the band teacher announces my husbands name incorrectly!!!! (The name my mom used to call him!) WHY could I hear that? I’m convinced GOD has a sense of humor!!!!


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