An (interesting) day in the life ….

This really was an interesting day in the life of this hearing impaired woman. A few weeks ago, as I was leaving my house for work @ 7:30am, my DH was welcoming into our house a man from animal control. We had been hearing those scurrying noises in our attic, again! There had been squirrels up there in the past, but we really thought we had plugged up ALL those holes. However, my husband knew he needed to go up there to set up the squirrel trap, again. (O/c you realize this was a few days prior to the AC guy showing up). So, up the steps he climbed. “That ain’t no squirrel!” he reported as he returned to our bedroom. “I think we have a RACCOON now! He looked at me with two eyes right in front of his face!” he said. “Oh no!” I exclaimed.”Where is the camera?” (Ok, that might have been my courageous side speaking). After perusing the internet, my husband decided we needed to call a professional mostly for his sake, b/c he wasn’t able to sleep! (Now, I must say this is ONE OF THE BENEFITS of having a moderate to severe hearing loss. I never heard anything while sleeping b/c my aids were out of my ears. LOL!) Anyway, off to work I went while they were to pretend they become critter busters!

Later that afternoon, I went to my dental appointment. You know the drill, (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!) decay under a large filling. The plan was to have the molar refilled, and get the tooth prepped for a crown. That was fun! NOT!! Oh my heavens!! FOUR doses of novocaine later, the whole left side of my face was completely frozen! I mean it felt like, I was numb down to my toes! (Ok, I will spare you the rest of those details). Now, I don’t know about you but during medical procedures, I’ve learned to sing or pray (or attempt) to keep my mind otherwise occupied. In this occasion, I began wondering what was happening with the raccoon. Was it a female? Was it pregnant? Did she already have those babies, in my attic? What about my personal property up there? My next thought was, “Well, I have my cell phone in my purse. I’ll just call my DH when I’m done.” I imagined sitting in the parking lot, calling him (b/c I can do some noise control when my windows are shut) and hear better (with the cell on speaker ….and o/c my conversations should be private too, right?). And then it hit me! “I can’t hear well, and I certainly won’t be able to speak very well with, oh yeah, by now FIVE doses of novocaine. Oh, that will be fun!” Result? Hysterical laughter in the dentist’s office! I’ll bet he thought I was absolutely nuts!!


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