Another ….. “unexpected adventure”

I surprised my guys with tickets to go see the movie The Hobbit. There we were on Christmas night, walking into the theater. Well, they walked in to the lobby to consider buying popcorn but I went right up to the box office because I wanted to get one of those “listening devices.” (Didn’t I just say this in the car? Okay, maybe I forgot the reminder on the way in the theater.) Anyway, after a few attempts of conservation with the lady behind the glass, (that’s always fun…trying to talk with someone with those echoing microphone through glass) she called a manager and I waited inside the lobby next to the back door of the box office. There must have been about 35 or so people milling about getting refreshments, and making their way to various theaters. My guys met me inside and decided they’d rather get good seats, before getting anything to eat. The manager showed up fairly soon. “Would you like the head phones, or the glasses?” I remembered, “Oh that’s right! With the glasses I can see captions right?” He gave me a nod and some quick instructions because the last time I used those, they didn’t work. (Let me digress for a quick second. I’m thinking about giving feedback about these little machines. From my perspective, it doesn’t make sense that you can only tell if the devices work once the movie starts. I mean if the commercials and the trailers stream across the big screen for eons, and you can’t take a “test run” with them BEFORE the movie starts, that means I have to walk out of the theater to find someone to help me figure out why it doesn’t work, and possibly wait for him to get me another one, while I miss the movie I just paid a lot of money to see!!) In this case, though, I opted to try the glasses again and went on my way to join my guys in the theater.  You’d think, easy now, right? This is when the fun started!

I gave the guy my ticket, he ripped it in half, and said, “To the right.” So, I went happily to the right in great anticipation of seeing the Shire once again! However, the theaters were numbered 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14. I started muttering to myself, “That guy didn’t know what he was talking about! My ticket said # 5 on it!” “Okay, I’m good,” I tell myself, “Just go down the other hallway.” Except when I get to theater number 5, it’s bad. I walked in looking for arms waving at me as if to say “We’re over here, love!” Nothing!! No-one to greet me! Hhhhmmm? Looking at the screen, I see Billy Crystal having a conversation with someone. This was no trailer. Once back in the hallway, I grabbed a woman passing by me and asked her. “Can you help me?” Thank God for folks who are good-natured. We both agree … The Hobbit, theater 5, is actually printed on the ticket. Excellent! We can rule out alzheimers!! Just then I realized I could use my cell phone, and text the guys. Of course, it was turned off because they want you to turn it off during the movie. Just as I started to text my DH, my phone vibrated. My son’s text read, “It’s actually theater NINE.”   OOOOHHHHHH!

Lessons learned?

1.  Once you figure them out, those glasses with the captions are very cool! (As I mentioned, above it would be nice to have a test run to make sure they are in good operating order {and to get used to how they work} before the movie begins).

2. Maybe they need listening devices so I can hear the guy ripping the tickets. The words FIVE and NINE sound so much alike. If he said,” Its theater NINE now, go to the right.” I never heard him say it! And maybe, just maybe I needed to walk back up to him (and trust I’d hear him instead of acting like Independent Ina), and ask, “Why did you say ‘Go to the right’?


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