Bathroom blunder

You’ve probably noticed by now that I just adore kitties. Three years ago when we adopted our current cat, she was fascinated by anything …wet. Most kittens are amazed by water streaming out of a faucet, or twirling downward into a drain, or yeah, even watching toilets flush. But THIS CAT, has truely been labelled “the water girl.” Over the past three years, we’ve watched her play in tub water, knock over her water dish, poke holes in water filled milk jugs, and plop rubber bands into her water dish just so she can enjoy the task of removing them.

One morning my husband and I were in the bathroom getting ready for work. I was in the shower while he was shaving. And, then I heard a curious statement,

“Agnes is on the phone!” my husband shouts loud enough for me to hear.

“WHAT? Who is AGNES? And why is she on the phone at 6:30AM?” I reacted.

This, of course, just totally cracks him up!
Finally, he regained composure and shares, “I said Her Highness (our cat) is on the throne (the closed toilet lid).”

I guess I forgot about my “water girl” always milling about wherever there is water, because I DID NOT know what he was talking about. Talk about confusion!!


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