What CAN you hear, Barb?

w/o hearing aids

  • On the beach summer of 2011, I couldn’t hear roar of waves while walking from boardwalk towards the water. Whoa, my hearing has gotten that bad? Sheesh!
  • “Boy, I wish it would stop raining,” I said to my husband. “I’d love it if we could go sit outside and watch the sun rise.” He says, “Rain? I don’t think its raining. The crickets are too loud.”   “Crickets? You can hear the crickets?” (I can’t hear them).
  • I awoke to go to the bathroom downstairs since I wanted to feed my kitty anyway. When I went back upstairs to my bedroom my husband said, “Yeah, that’s why I’m awake too.”  I admitted, “I don’t know what you mean.” “Oh, you can’t hear the burglar alarm.. beeping.” HA!
  • One morning my husband said, “I guess the dude’s taking a lot showers these days.” (about our teenaged son). Honestly, I didn’t hear the shower water running.

w/ hearing aids

  • speech is SO distorted….Do you remember the song by KC and the Sunshine band, “That’s the way . . . uhhuh uh-huh I like it . . . uhhuh uh-huh?”
  • In MY life the song should be renamed, “That’s the way. . . uhhuh uh-huh… I hear it . . . uhhuh uh-huh.”
  • Working with preschool kids is really like having a hearing loss. (Check out these moments with preschool children, as they are learning to speak English).

Speech sounds sometimes sound so distorted:

You’ve noticed how little kids speak, right? We know young children pronounce words incorrectly as they learn English. Most of them are within developmental guidelines, it just takes a while for them to learn correct English. This just illustrates how sometimes I get confused by what people say.

What if this was how you heard people talking?

I don’t yike my yunchOH…….You don’t like your lunch!

My druther has Harry Potter Legos  OH……. your brother

prepelOH……. pretzel

“Ms Barb, Where is daUDDER ball?”  OH…….the other ball. (This one really cracked us up!!)

“I drew a sun. Look, it’s lellow.” OH…yellow

So here are some examples of how I hear incorrectly when people KNOW how to speak English:

A teacher said, “This is my little bunny.” Hhhmm…bunny? or buddy?


I weighed in this morning at Weight watchers. (10/8/11) As we were sharing our celebrations, I said, “I ‘m so excited because I only have one more pound to go to get to goal.” Others were also happy to say they had lost 3 or 5 pounds, some after only one week. Then, another woman spoke of her accomplishments….

WHITE loss, huh? OH…….weight loss! Whoa!

(Hhm….I wonder if she lives in the sooouuuttthhhh near Paaauwlllla Deeeeaaaannn?)


Additional situations:

Ordering fast food at a drive through is really hit or miss! Sometimes those microphones and speakers work well, but most of the time they don’t work well at all. Last night I went through one fine establishment, and the volume was very low. When I spoke to the manager about the very low volume,a\ and the poor sound quality, he said, “I agree but it would cost me $10,000 to replace it. I’m so sorry.”

Then I went to another one and although they had the screen where your order can be seen in print, the sound wasn’t working at all for some reason. Do I need to walk in those restaurants from now on? If my husband, or a friend, is in the car with me they can be helpful in that situation by doing all the speaking (communicating) for me.


My husband asked, “You forgot the kitten in the bathroom again?”

Oops! Well, when her voice is such a teeny tiny one and you have a moderate to severe hearing loss and she is behind a closed door, yes! So sorry, honey!! (We fed her in there because our other kitty was a slow eater on prescription food).


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