Can you relate?

Do you, a hearing impaired person, find yourself frustrated when people say, or think (or act in a way as if they believe) some of these things:

…. You have a hearing problem? Okay, I can just SPEAK LOUDER, right?

….  You have hearing aids, right?

(Like they magically make it all better….ha!)

…..  You are a little slow on the uptake.

…   Can you hear, or not?  (Isn’t it all or nothing?)

(Like  a light switch? um…not exactly!)

….  Why don’t you understand? I just explained this.

(Maybe I didn’t hear ALL of your words, or ALL the syllables of words, or ALL of the sentences you said.)

Honestly, sometimes it is very challenging to explain again, that I have a serious hearing loss, and to be patient and gracious with folks that haven’t had my experiences.


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