Yes, this pretty much sums it up!

I just saw this commercial this morning, and well it really does exemplify how tricky it is for hearing impaired folks to hear well, at times. Some words just sound so very similar, that it is hard to distinguish between them. Please realize, this was in my quiet home as I’m here with just my kitty. However, in a noisy environment it would have been much harder.

Click here to (giggle and) listen:

Discover Commercial

Enough said? Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions.







Looky!! Looky!!

Can you SEE what I SEE?

IMG_1717    IMG_1718

Who wants to be the first to call me on my new Caption Call telephone? Whatever you say will be transformed into captions…..YEAH!! I’ll be able to SEE what you are saying!!

I will be using the phone again!!

And, because of my hearing loss, I was eligible to get it FOR FREE!!!!

I needed my audiologist to sign some paperwork saying that I, indeed, have a significant loss, and completed some other paperwork on their website, and one thing lead to another and ….now “she is here!”

I also needed to provide ID, and make an appointment for the tech to come set it up, and show me how it works.

Mishaps … when something isn’t heard correctly

A woman asked a baker, “Please place a photo of my daughter on a graduation cake, and put a cap on her head.” (This is my summary of what the woman probably said.)

Before I share the link, let me explain about voiced sounds and unvoiced sounds.

If were you to pronounce the sounds of these letters you’d notice all you are doing is producing air from your lips: Try it, say the sounds each letter makes. Ready?
Say these sounds: S F H P

(We haven’t even begun trying blends such as SH, or WH …)

So why is it hard to discriminate between Cap and Cat? P is a silent UNVOICED sound …. but T is a VOICED sound. I wonder if the woman called the baker on the telephone, if she was very busy, or if she had a hearing loss. Of course, you might think why didn’t she put two and two together? After all, the baker was to write “Congratulations” on the cake.

Maybe she thought the woman just published a book about her cat!! After all that’s what I just did, and I’d love the cake!! (Just don’t tell my Weight Watcher friends!)

Situations I never put myself in …..

We all know that some women avoid going to certain places by themselves, especially at night, for obvious reasons.

As a hearing impaired person, there are some things I just never do because I know I would have a difficult time hearing anyone in that environment.

Yesterday, a dear friend came to pick me up to give me a ride to a restaurant, because my son had my car for the day. Eight of us were getting together for tea and conversation, and in my mind, to celebrate the start of summer. Yeah, I love getting together with the gals!

As she pulled up next to me, the first thing I noticed were both front windows were down and the sunroof was wide open. Hey, I have a sunroof on my car too, and I completely understand how delightful it is to enjoy fresh air on a day when the temperature is in the low 80’s. Just lovely, especially when I am by myself, and I don’t want to listen to a CD or anything on the radio.

When I sat down in the passenger seat and we said our ‘Hellos,” I heard another voice, coming from an electronic device. It was her GPS, and it was moderately loud. As we start driving away, I can tell my ears will be competing with the sound of traffic, the rush of wind outside the car windows, the GPS, and my girlfriend’s voice. “Be patient,” I tell myself, “You can manage. Just remember to speak up about your needs if you have trouble hearing her. She’s a nice person, and she’ll understand.”

Then, she pulls out her cell phone and begins talking to a woman who is behind us a few miles, also driving to the same restaurant. She was giving her directions as the GPS was giving us directions. Now I realize, “This is normal for folks with good hearing, but I would never do it!”

You understand, its no-one’s fault, nor was I upset in anyway. I just want family members, and friends, of the hearing impaired to understand that some situations like that are a tad difficult for those of us that have trouble hearing.

When she got off the phone, I told her I was taking notes for my bog, and we shared a good giggle over the whole thing. It was absolutely what she needed to do, especially since the GPS had a blast taking us around Robin’s barn! And, on the way back home, she did ask if it would help to shut the windows and turn on the AC, and we had a good chat.

See, I told you she was understanding!!

Lesson? I need to keep speaking up for my needs!!

There is hope!

Remember me, the hearing impaired lady trying to post anything related to hearing loss? Please forgive me for being “otherwise distracted.” Let’s just say that life has been very busy, just like your life I’m sure.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this story I just heard on the morning news show I watched today, about a surgery to help a three year old deaf boy hear:

I may need to research what this surgery involves, but the look on the boy’s face is really good to see!

Another ….. “unexpected adventure”

I surprised my guys with tickets to go see the movie The Hobbit. There we were on Christmas night, walking into the theater. Well, they walked in to the lobby to consider buying popcorn but I went right up to the box office because I wanted to get one of those “listening devices.” (Didn’t I just say this in the car? Okay, maybe I forgot the reminder on the way in the theater.) Anyway, after a few attempts of conservation with the lady behind the glass, (that’s always fun…trying to talk with someone with those echoing microphone through glass) she called a manager and I waited inside the lobby next to the back door of the box office. There must have been about 35 or so people milling about getting refreshments, and making their way to various theaters. My guys met me inside and decided they’d rather get good seats, before getting anything to eat. The manager showed up fairly soon. “Would you like the head phones, or the glasses?” I remembered, “Oh that’s right! With the glasses I can see captions right?” He gave me a nod and some quick instructions because the last time I used those, they didn’t work. (Let me digress for a quick second. I’m thinking about giving feedback about these little machines. From my perspective, it doesn’t make sense that you can only tell if the devices work once the movie starts. I mean if the commercials and the trailers stream across the big screen for eons, and you can’t take a “test run” with them BEFORE the movie starts, that means I have to walk out of the theater to find someone to help me figure out why it doesn’t work, and possibly wait for him to get me another one, while I miss the movie I just paid a lot of money to see!!) In this case, though, I opted to try the glasses again and went on my way to join my guys in the theater.  You’d think, easy now, right? This is when the fun started!

I gave the guy my ticket, he ripped it in half, and said, “To the right.” So, I went happily to the right in great anticipation of seeing the Shire once again! However, the theaters were numbered 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14. I started muttering to myself, “That guy didn’t know what he was talking about! My ticket said # 5 on it!” “Okay, I’m good,” I tell myself, “Just go down the other hallway.” Except when I get to theater number 5, it’s bad. I walked in looking for arms waving at me as if to say “We’re over here, love!” Nothing!! No-one to greet me! Hhhhmmm? Looking at the screen, I see Billy Crystal having a conversation with someone. This was no trailer. Once back in the hallway, I grabbed a woman passing by me and asked her. “Can you help me?” Thank God for folks who are good-natured. We both agree … The Hobbit, theater 5, is actually printed on the ticket. Excellent! We can rule out alzheimers!! Just then I realized I could use my cell phone, and text the guys. Of course, it was turned off because they want you to turn it off during the movie. Just as I started to text my DH, my phone vibrated. My son’s text read, “It’s actually theater NINE.”   OOOOHHHHHH!

Lessons learned?

1.  Once you figure them out, those glasses with the captions are very cool! (As I mentioned, above it would be nice to have a test run to make sure they are in good operating order {and to get used to how they work} before the movie begins).

2. Maybe they need listening devices so I can hear the guy ripping the tickets. The words FIVE and NINE sound so much alike. If he said,” Its theater NINE now, go to the right.” I never heard him say it! And maybe, just maybe I needed to walk back up to him (and trust I’d hear him instead of acting like Independent Ina), and ask, “Why did you say ‘Go to the right’?

An (interesting) day in the life ….

This really was an interesting day in the life of this hearing impaired woman. A few weeks ago, as I was leaving my house for work @ 7:30am, my DH was welcoming into our house a man from animal control. We had been hearing those scurrying noises in our attic, again! There had been squirrels up there in the past, but we really thought we had plugged up ALL those holes. However, my husband knew he needed to go up there to set up the squirrel trap, again. (O/c you realize this was a few days prior to the AC guy showing up). So, up the steps he climbed. “That ain’t no squirrel!” he reported as he returned to our bedroom. “I think we have a RACCOON now! He looked at me with two eyes right in front of his face!” he said. “Oh no!” I exclaimed.”Where is the camera?” (Ok, that might have been my courageous side speaking). After perusing the internet, my husband decided we needed to call a professional mostly for his sake, b/c he wasn’t able to sleep! (Now, I must say this is ONE OF THE BENEFITS of having a moderate to severe hearing loss. I never heard anything while sleeping b/c my aids were out of my ears. LOL!) Anyway, off to work I went while they were to pretend they become critter busters!

Later that afternoon, I went to my dental appointment. You know the drill, (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!) decay under a large filling. The plan was to have the molar refilled, and get the tooth prepped for a crown. That was fun! NOT!! Oh my heavens!! FOUR doses of novocaine later, the whole left side of my face was completely frozen! I mean it felt like, I was numb down to my toes! (Ok, I will spare you the rest of those details). Now, I don’t know about you but during medical procedures, I’ve learned to sing or pray (or attempt) to keep my mind otherwise occupied. In this occasion, I began wondering what was happening with the raccoon. Was it a female? Was it pregnant? Did she already have those babies, in my attic? What about my personal property up there? My next thought was, “Well, I have my cell phone in my purse. I’ll just call my DH when I’m done.” I imagined sitting in the parking lot, calling him (b/c I can do some noise control when my windows are shut) and hear better (with the cell on speaker ….and o/c my conversations should be private too, right?). And then it hit me! “I can’t hear well, and I certainly won’t be able to speak very well with, oh yeah, by now FIVE doses of novocaine. Oh, that will be fun!” Result? Hysterical laughter in the dentist’s office! I’ll bet he thought I was absolutely nuts!!