Huh? How do I know?

Wondering if you have a hearing loss?

or if someone you know has a hearing loss?

I created this icon to help explain:


Now consider these questions:

  • Do you/they seem lost or confused much of the time? (Like their ears are really question marks? Did you notice that on the icon above? That’s the reason the titles of my pages are in questions. I always feel confused and sort of “slow on the uptake.”)
  • Do you/they feel/seem “a few minutes behind” in the conversation?
  • Do you/they need radios, TVs, I-Pods, cell phones way too loud?
  • Do you/they need or ask for lots of repetition (or clarification) of whatever has been said?
  • Do you/they have difficulty talking with people in crowded, or noises, places?
  • Do you/they have difficulty hearing on a telephone?
  • Do you/they “mishear” words? Hhhm…thirsty vs. Thursday?
  • Do you/they avoid social settings? or have less friends?
  • Do you/they get upset because people think you/they are ignoring someone?

If you suspect a hearing loss, it may be beneficial to take these questions, and your answers, to your doctor. Better yet, find a reputable audiologist (or get the referral to do so, if needed) and get an evaluation done. She/he will test your hearing and document the findings on an audiogram.

This is not an invasive test. At best it might be a little uncomfortable for a brief few seconds when they test the flexibility of your eardrums. (Can I be honest? I thought that part was just ticklish). I could share medical experiences I’ve had that are way more “difficult and unpleasant,” to share.

The good news? Actually FANTASTIC NEWS??

If you find there is a measurable hearing loss, and they determine hearing aids might really be beneficial…life will get much better!

However the Surgeon General ought to put this disclaimer on the hearing aids:

Hearing aids DO NOT correct a hearing problem as glasses (*) can correct vision.

*Obviously, I’m speaking of those individuals like me who are nearsighted and, actually, farsighted. My prescription glasses correct my vision so I can drive and read those road signs, in the distance, and the bottom of my bifocals sure do help me read a lot easier.


Make sure you know what to expect when you wear hearing aids!!!!


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