I love you too, dear

So there we were yesterday, my DH and I, watching the first afternoon of Olympic events. We had been watching the US volleyball team playing well against Korea.

A little later, we noticed the teams of eight in the rowing competition in the Dorney Lake. Isn’t it amazing how quickly those guys can move? Not just the teams in those boats, but the folks on bikes motoring alongside the lake as well! Spectacular!

I must have looked away, when I heard, “I love you.”

I turned and looked at my DH. When I asked, “Did you just say, I love you?” it was met with laughter. Can you imagine?

“No, silly,” he said, “I love the view.” And then I saw the aerial shot of the teams rowing in the lake.

At least, I got a kiss on the shoulder!

It makes this journey so much more pleasant when a friend, or a loved one, really understands your challenges as a hearing impaired person.



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