Gilda was so right!! It is always something, especially for the hearing impaired

In my everyday life, I occasionally hear a word and wonder, “What was that word?”

This week, the word was uniform, but I didn’t know if the person said uniform or unicorn. Can you tell how that would be confusing? I mean the two words are so similar, right? Just imagine this: A young child comes to you and says, “My mom bought me a uniform.” When you have a hearing loss, you might not actually hear the F in that word because it is an unvoiced sound, and there is no way you can figure it out from context. I just try and remember to ask lots of questions to figure out what the child said.

Then, earlier today my hubster and I were checking out old footage of SNL videos in anticipation of tonight’s 40th anniversary show.

We found two hilarious videos that exemplify what it’s like to have a hearing loss, both involving my favorite SNL star, Gilda Radner. (Loved her!!)

I’ve actually made this myself a few times, because I heard a word, or a phrase, incorrectly:

Please be a good guy like Chevy, and help your hearing impaired friends out. Maybe even a little sooner than he did!!

And, this second one just reminds me of life as a Pre-K teacher. It was amusing when I, a hearing impaired teacher, worked with children still in the process of learning to pronounce certain words. (L’s and R’s always seem to be tricky for the little guys.)

Of course, these ladies are doing this for fun but I’d love to know how many times you need to replay the video to figure out what they are saying!

Enjoy the videos!!


R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Oh, yeah!

I saw this “Ah moment” commercial last night and loved it!!

So you KNOW, I had to post this ….. sometimes I feel pretty deaf and pretty misunderstood.

However, here are other inspirational videos here as well!

click on this:

Marys Ah moment

A not so typical day

Here I sit at my girlfriend’s house on Labor Day. There were 6 of us chatting, and I was completely frustrated!! I wanted to yell, “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!?”

This is the life of the hearing impaired. Constant confusion! I mean how on earth can you follow a conversation when there are all those lips to read and they are all talking at once!!!

(Oh, thanks, Samuel for taking my photo so I could start my blog. You’re a good egg!)