The Cat in the Tub by Ms Barb, Bub

For the past seven years, Barb Collins, enjoyed teaching Pre-K in a nearby preschool. Early on she learned that each March, lesson plans were based on the theme of “Literature.” She began looking forward to sharing great literature with her students, such as Caldecott winners, and, of course, Dr. Seuss books. She quickly discovered how early learners just love listening to, and anticipating, rhyming words as books were read aloud. Barb decided to incorporate rhyming words on a daily basis in regular conversation. She noticed this also helped the children focus on oral language. One heard her saying such phrases as, “Are you ready, Freddy?”, or, “Good job, Bob.”
One March, after getting acquainted with her newly adopted kitten, “GG”, Barb joked that she didn’t have “The Cat in the Hat,” but “The Cat in the Tub.”

1505518_10203214363496161_2058730315087242658_n GG in tub with bookUsing her hobby of photography, Barb started snapping pictures of her wet pet. Using that title and adding her own rhyming text, (in the title and all throughout the book), Barb created a draft and read it to her class. Their giggles and smiles encouraged her to publish the book. She also used the book to demonstrate that with a little hard work and determination, anyone can reach their goals. The Cat in the Tub by Ms Barb, Bub was published in 2013. The book can be purchased here:

Also, check here for updates, and more info on Barb’s Books


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