Are people telling you, “You need to get your hearing tested?”

Are you having difficulty accepting this as a possibility?

Consider this:

Just today, I witnessed a softball game up close because my husband joined a local league. As I watched the each ball player at bat, I wondered why they were even swinging. I mean, I’m no athlete but the pitcher was, well, not very good. I mean he was throwing them either too high or too low. Many times the ball wasn’t even going close to the plate! Again, I wondered, “Why are they even swinging?” (Personally, I think it was because the players were eager to hit something. I mean we just got a deluge dumped on us by “tropical storm Lee.” Pent up frustration, maybe?)

It is so easy for us to see something from a distance, but not up close, right?

Aren’t there things you notice about people, even though they seem unable, or unwilling, to notice those about themselves? Like when a women is wearing something that just doesn’t flatter her figure, or we may think she is wearing way too much make-up. We, also, all know the difference between criticism and genuine concern. When it was suggested to me that I get my hearing tested to see if hearing aids would be of some benefit, I was encouraged. My story may be different from many others but, by then, I was ready to hear better!! The suggestion didn’t come until I was 30 years old, but I knew I had been missing a lot!!

As a woman (a smidgeon) past the age of 50, with decreasing estrogen levels, I understand the harsh realities of aging. And, I understand the losses that we, hearing impaired folks, suffer (difficulty conversing in loud environments, relationships, loss of enjoying music, and maybe dance). I have great compassion for people who are dealing with this issue. So, please know that I am, right now, giving you this cyber hug, and telling you it might not be as bad as you think. Maybe there is a possibility that hearing aids will help you. Isn’t it worth getting it checked out? I know you are worth it!! Your loved ones, and friends, WANT to connect and communicate with you easily. They don’t want to be frustrated with you because it seems you are ignoring them and/or you don’t care about them. This issue is hard on them too.

Another way to think about this is let’s say you go out to dinner and have a fabulous spinach salad and lobster tail. You do want someone telling you, politely, of course, if you have spinach on your teeth, or drawn butter dripping from your chin, right?

My dad, had a serious hearing loss for years, and then was given declared “legally blind,” as he developed macular degeneration. He was unable to drive his car anymore. OUCH! That is a very hard thing to accept!

Who wants to be told bad news from any kind of doctor? No-one!! Of course not!

But, don’t you remember the old adage, “If life hands you lemons, make lemonade?”

Use the opportunity to your advantage. That’s why I started this blog. You might remember, I had to do something constructive with my frustration. Hopefully it helps someone!!   http://wp.me/p1P5Ov-5

The really good news is that hearing aids might help you, when you learn what to realistically expect as you use them. In my case I found an outstanding audiologist. Once she confirmed that I could use a hearing aid with success, I was thrilled! AND, not only that, but I had 30 days to try it out to see if I liked using it. If I wasn’t satisfied I would have been able to return it and get about 80% of my money back. (Please realize there are many styles of hearing aids too so it also depends on which one you choose. Also, check the current refund options with your audiologist.) If they make an impression of your ear, it is only going to fit in your ear. It can’t be resold. That’s why I couldn’t get back 100%. You may also have an insurance plan that covers the cost of a hearing test once a year. It isn’t invasive and doesn’t take a long time at all!

I hope, and pray, you reconsider this issue.

If you want to think about this more privately, check out my page entitled Huh? How do I know?   http://wp.me/P1P5Ov-w

It may help you think about whether, or not, you do have a hearing problem.

And no, I don’t sell any Loreal products, but YOU are worth it!!


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