Why THIS blog?

This blog all started on Sept 5, 2011

A Not so Typical Day


To my dear fellow hearing impaired friends:

I hope, in this blog, you can find some compassion and empathy for the struggles you are facing. My prayer is that we can share our experiences and offer each other hope along this journey of interacting and functioning in world where, it seems most folks can hear us, but we have such difficulty hearing, and understanding, them.  Communication, without a hearing loss, is, oh so, complicated but we’ve been given more challenges. So why not help each other? We CAN learn to help our families, friends, and coworkers understand not just our struggles but the ways they can actually support us. And remember this is just as hard on them as it is on us!

To y’all that are friends and family members of hearing impaired folks:

Please understand us! We really aren’t ignoring you, or trying to annoy you with the TV, or the radio, too loud. We really can’t hear!! The thing is, its really hard to help you understand exactly what that means. Lately, and, no I’m not digressing, I noticed I need a few more trips to the bathroom at night, in the dark. So, you guessed it, I turned on the light. But living with a hearing loss isn’t that simple, even for those of us that wear hearing aids. Hearing aids help but they don’t magically make every listening opportunity perfect. I wish!!

There are so many factors that just make it difficult. I remember talking with my mom on the phone. (And by the way, I pretty much hate talking on the phone because, you guessed it, there are no faces to lip read!) She said, “Can you hear me?” My reply? “So far! Let’s try the next sentence.” Please consider yourself an advocate and grant us the grace to clarify or restate something, or slow down when we ask you. It’ll go well with you too, if you can find ways to come along side and become a helper. Just think, you won’t have to repeat yourself so much if you deliver your messages in “easy to understand ways” first.


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